How to Create a Strategic Fund Development Plan Seminar Description

Fundraising consultant Kenny Weill presents steps for creating an actionable Fund Development Plan for your organization.

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How to Develop a Strategic Communication Plan

This interactive session will provide a step-by-step process for developing a communications plan for your organization that will accomplish two main goals – raising awareness and raising funds.

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Human Resource Management for Small and Mid-sized Nonprofits

Many small and mid-sized nonprofits do not have a designated person to handle HR issues. Here are ideas to help.

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Learning Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Membership

This hands-on workshop is designed to help new and existing board members, senior managers, and staff from organizations of all sizes to understand the infrastructure necessary to have a high functioning board.

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Creating an Action Plan for Your Organiziation

Effectively leading change in an organization requires the mastery of an integrated set of capabilities and behaviors that enable a leadership team to align culture, structure, strategy and implementation simultaneously.

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Meet the Funders

A panel of funders including the Foundation for Metrowest, Watertown Foundation and the Cummings Foundation Share with your friends

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Budgeting Mistakes Your Organization Needs to Avoid

Effective budgeting is essential to the success of any nonprofit organization, and there are several crucial steps in developing an accurate and usable plan. At this seminar we will discuss some of the best practices in budgeting and some of the worst mistakes often made, and how you can implement the former and avoid the latter. The first portion of the seminar will focus on the organization’s annual operating plan, which combines forecasts for each significant revenue and expense item over the course of the upcoming fiscal year.

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Networking Made Easy

Join with others to polish your networking skills and your approach to bragging about your organization.

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Best Practices for Maximizing Annual Fundraising for Shops of All Sizes

Fundraising for small and medium size organizations.

Annual gifts are vital to ensuring that the mission of your organization is fulfilled. The directive from your organizational leadership (the CEO and Board) is to keep those gifts as unrestricted as possible in order to address areas of greatest need. However, we hear that donors are not interested in “keeping the lights on” and want to have measurable impact with their giving. And, to top it all off, leadership does not believe it has a role in fundraising, so it’s all up to you. Can you do it all, while maximizing the renewal (and increase) of existing gifts and attracting new annual gifts? This is a “must attend” session for anyone working on launching or building and annual fund with an eye toward better donor retention.

Please note this seminar will be located at the Lexington Community Center at 39 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA 02420

Directions using google maps

The Lexington Community Center driveway is shared with the Museum of our National Heritage. Please note: there is a small sign near Marrett Road. Enter the driveway, go past the museum (on your right), follow the driveway to the left, and go through the parking lot(s) all the way to the end, up the hill. The Community Center is on your left at the top. Parking is free in these lots. The dining room/meeting room is on the first floor on your right as you enter the foyer.

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The Most Important Relationship Your Nonprofit Will Ever Have: The Board and Executive Partnership

The goal of this workshop is to provide insight into the value and purpose(s) of the nonprofit board and its relationship with the senior staff.

A strong and positive relationship between the board and senior staff, especially the chief executive, is widely recognized as a critical ingredient for a healthy organization and its ability to achieve impact. Having clarity in the roles, responsibilities and expectations of both – board and senior staff – helps to build a productive, working relationship based on mutual understanding and commitment to serve the best interests of the nonprofit organization, clients and community.

Learning Objectives:
*The Nonprofit Board’s Purpose, Roles, and Responsibilities: Why It Matters
*Governance as Leadership – Three Modes of Governance
*The Human Dynamics of Governance: Building a Winning Partnership with Your Board
*Causes of Poorly Tuned Board/Executive Teams
*Transforming the Board/Executive Relationship – Essential Elements of an Effective Board/Executive Partnership
*What All Great Boards Have in Common

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