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What Is Nonprofit Net?

Nonprofit Net is a forum for nonprofit leaders to learn from each other and to attend informative seminars germane to the nonprofit sector. Our programs are FREE to all non-profit organizations and individuals in the non-profit sector.

We offer services for non-profit organizations including Nonprofit Net Seminar Series and Nonprofit Resources.  We may work with donors and volunteers who want to find the right organizations to meet their philanthropic goals. Nonprofit Net Inc. is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization funded by voluntary membership dues and donations.


Janet Gelbart tells all you should know about Financial Statements and your stakeholders

Nonprofit Net Seminar Series

We provide networking and capacity building seminars for nonprofits in Lexington and surrounding Massachusetts communities.  These educational seminars are FREE and provide information such as fund raising, board governance, public relations, volunteer management, grant writing, social media, Board development and more.  We conduct seminars in the fall and spring of each year.

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Membership is open to all nonprofits, individuals working for nonprofits or those who volunteer in the nonprofit sector. The public is also welcome. Read more on the Membership page.

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